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Prototector has contributed 113 edits and 78 articles.


Prototector has released 10 prototypes.

Contra Advance (Review Prototype)Game Boy Advance
Contra III: The Alien Wars (Review Prototype)SNES
Contra: Legacy of War (January 28, 1997 Prototype)28 January 1997Sega Saturn
Contra: Legacy of War (Sep 25, 1996 prototype)25 September 1996PlayStation
Hexen (Dec 12, 1996 prototype)12 December 1996 15:46:37Sega Saturn
Neo Contra (E3 2004 Preview Prototype)PlayStation 2
Neo Contra (PAL Preview Prototype)PlayStation 2
Neo Contra (Review Prototype 2)PlayStation 2
Probotector 2 (Sample Prototype)Game Boy
Super Probotector: The Alien Rebels (Sample Prototype)SNES

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