Super Probotector: The Alien Rebels (Sample Prototype)

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Title Screen
Super Probotector: The Alien Rebels (Sample Prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by private collectorPrototector
Released by Prototector
Origin EPROM cartridges
Dump method Double Pro Fighter, Retrode
Ownership kralleman (?-current), hipsilon (?-current), others
Game Super Probotector: The Alien Rebels
System SNES
Genre run-n-gun
Download Super Probotector: The Alien Rebels (Sample Prototype) (info)
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Sample copies of Super Probotector, possibly sent to testing houses in Europe. This is an example of a PAL game in a North American cart shell; The label misspells the title as "Superp Robotector". There are in fact 2 builds known to be found in these cartridges: the full, final release and a variant with the Japanese version's cheats enabled. This can only be determined by playing it or dumping+comparing the prototype ROM. The one up for download is, of course, the one with cheats. There are several copies, owned by several people.


  • Cheats codes, only directly available in the Japanese release, are enabled by default. They are the option to select 30 lives and a stage select menu after choosing 1 or 2 player modes.
  • Attract demos are out of sync and player movements in these demos do not match any other version.
  • Game hangs on final/penultimate boss battle. Confirmed in multiple copies of the game.