Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Apr 4, 2001 prototype)

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Title Screen
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Apr 4, 2001 prototype)
Build date April 4th, 2001 16:37:47
Dump status Released
Origin CD-R
Game Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
System PlayStation
Genre Sports
Final build JP May 8, 2002
EU Apr 18, 2001
US Apr 12, 2001
Release date JP Sep 5, 2002
US May 14, 2001
EU May 25, 2001
Download Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Apr 4, 2001 prototype) (info)

A review prototype of Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX, dated a few days before the final game.


  • The text in the options menu isn't centered.
  • Dennis McCoy and Tony Hawk's character select animations are different.
  • The goals list shown while loading a level is less colorful and the text isn't cursive.
  • The song info is missing from the sound options menu.

Cheat codes

This build uses different cheat inputs, the same as used in later ports of this game. Some of these codes are similar, some identical to codes used in pre-release builds of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Pause the game, hold L1 and enter the following codes:

  • Debug panel and build date: Down, Down, Triangle, Down, Down, Triangle (DDTDDT)
  • FPS Counter: Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left (DULLDULL)
  • Display rail balance: Left, O, Square, Triangle, Square, O, X (LOSTSOX)
  • Remove HUD: Square, Left, Up, Triangle (SLUT)
  • Press SELECT to freeze the game and enter freecam mode: Square, O, Right, X (SORX)
  • Add 8 minutes to timer: Square, Up, O, X (SUOX)
  • End run: O, Up, Triangle, O, Up, Triangle (OUTOUT)
  • Slow motion: Square, Triangle, O, X (STOX)
  • Fat tires: Down, O, O, Down (DOOD)
  • Unlock THPS Warehouse: O, Square, Triangle, Left (OSTL)
  • Unlock THPS School: O, Square, Triangle, Up (OSTU)
  • Unlock THPS Burnside: O, Square, Triangle, Right (OSTR)
  • Unlock Granny: O, Square, Triangle, Down (OSTD)
  • Unlock Tony Hawk: O, Square, Triangle, Triangle (OSTT)