Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma (Aug 23, 2003 prototype)

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Title Screen
Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma (Aug 23, 2003 prototype)
Build date Aug 23, 2003 01:09:26
Build name Version 0.1
Dump status Released
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date March 20, 2021
Origin Used as padding inside of the Sep 11, 2003 prototype.
Lot Project Deluge
Labels JUNK5.JNK
Game Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma
System PlayStation 2
Genre Action Adventure
Final build JP N/A
EU Oct 24, 2003
US Oct 25, 2003
Release date JP Mar 25, 2004
EU Dec 5, 2003
US Dec 8, 2003
Download Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma (Aug 23, 2003 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma for the PlayStation 2.


  • Used as a dummy file inside of a later prototype. It is a CDVDGEN image, which can be converted with CVLT OF OSIRIS' cdvdgenbin2normalbin.py script.
  • The copyright screen has placeholder text.
  • The build jumps straight into the main menu. There are no opening movies.
  • A debug level select is present.
  • Some levels will crash the build due to missing assets. This affects the first level, which means that you can only launch the working levels through the level select.
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable (in PCSX2): Yes (as of April 19, 2021).
    • Game contains dongle protection: No.



  1. N/A


A huge thanks to the anonymous donor that allowed for this release to happen!

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