News/Dreamcast Month Part 1 - Internet Game Pack

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Internet Game Pack (Feb 28, 2001 prototype)
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Switching gears from last month’s lot from Virgin for a bit, this month we’ll be releasing a few Dreamcast prototypes from our own collection!

To start off the month with a bit of a bang, today we will be releasing the long awaited unreleased game - Internet Game Pack. This game was developed by Visual Concepts, the same company that brought you Taz-Mania, Ooga Booga, the NBA/NFL/NHL 2K games, and Claymates. The game features a bunch of parlour games that were meant to be played predominantly online with other players, although the game can also be played offline as well. The game was originally developed to be a pack-in game for one of the late 2001 issues of the Official Dreamcast Magazine, but was possibly canceled due to the failure of the Dreamcast. This is one of the very few prototypes still in existence, and most likely represents the complete game. Official media on the game remained scarce and remained relatively unknown - until today.

We hope to bring you some more Dreamcast prototypes in the upcoming weeks ahead.

With that said, until next time!