News/Dreamcast Month Part 2 - Sonic Adventure 2 Review

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Sa2 dc review proto screenshot0.png
Demul 2015-05-24 16-48-05-487.png
Demul 2015-05-24 19-25-54-975.png
Demul 2015-05-25 11-48-20-166.png
Demul 2015-05-27 18-29-23-354.png
Demul 2015-05-24 14-53-34-703.png

Sonic Adventure 2 (May 21, 2001 prototype)
Championship Surfer (Aug 15, 2000 prototype)
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Sep 20, 2000 prototype)
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Nov 2, 2000 prototype)
Demolition Racer: No Exit (Aug 2, 2000 prototype)
Tee Off (Dec 8, 1999 prototype)

Discuss this release on the boards here!

Time for another round of Sega Dreamcast prototypes!

First we have a review prototype of Sonic Adventure 2! This prototype is dated a week before the final release, and contains a few differences in comparison. Most of the changes were done to a few object layout files along with a few other files as well. Can you find the differences?

Next we have two Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX prototypes. One is a relatively early preview copy while the other is a somewhat late review build. We also have a prototype of Demolition Racer: No Exit as well that was compiled a month before the final build. Finally, we also have a late localization prototype of Tee Golf too. It’s a prototype potpourri!

On the subject of Sega Dreamcast prototypes, we discovered a few prototypes we had in our collection were already dumped by Laurent and some other folks over the years as well. We redumped these games and provided more accurate dumps to replace the old inaccurate ones. These games are 4x4 Evolution (Jan 9, 2001 prototype)‎, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (Jul 7, 1999 prototype)‎, Confidential Mission (Mar 3, 2001 prototype), and South Park Rally (Jun 9, 2000 prototype). Be sure to grab them!

Throughout the rest of March we will be releasing more prototypes specifically for the Sega Dreamcast. What other surprises are around the corner?

Until next time!