Sonic Adventure 2 (May 21, 2001 prototype)

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Title Screen
Sonic Adventure 2 (May 21, 2001 prototype)
Build date May 21, 2001 14:15:00
Build name REVIEW
Dump status Released
Dumped by drx
Released by drx
File release date March 17, 2019
Origin GD-R disc
Labels Sonic Adventure 2 Review
Dump method Redump (2x)
Game Sonic Adventure 2
System Dreamcast
Genre Platform
Final build JP May 29, 2001
US May 29, 2001
EU May 29, 2001
Release date JP Jun 23, 2001
US Jun 18, 2001
EU Jun 23, 2001
Download Sonic Adventure 2 (May 21, 2001 prototype) (info)
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A late European review prototype of Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Redumped using Redump standards 8/20/2022.
  • Built a little over a week before the final builds.
  • PAL build.
  • The index.htm file for the homepage uses a table border width of 580 and a heigh of 300 in the prototype. In the final, it uses a width of 520 and a height of 260.
  • The texture file for the Dark Chao Garden (AL_STG_DARK_TEX.PRS) was altered slightly.
  • The texture file for the CONGRATULATIONS graphic (CONGRATULATIONS.PRS) is a higher resolution in the prototype.
  • The .PRS file containing the strings for the Japanese VMU warnings (MCWARN_J.PRS) is slightly different.
  • Omochao's hints in the first Eggman vs. Tails boss battle are slightly different in every language (MH0029*.PRS).
  • Omochao's hints in the final Sonic vs. Shadow boss are slightly different in every language (MH0042*.PRS). For instance, the prototype outright tells you that the best moment to attack is when your opponents stops. In the final, Omochao only tells you to try lowering your opponent's defenses. In the prototype, Omochao also doesn't tell you how to dodge your opponent's attacks.
  • Omochao's hints in the Biolizard boss fight are slightly different in the Japanese text file (MH0055J.PRS).
  • The majority of the VMU PRS files are different.
  • The sound effect file for the Biolizard boss stage is completely different (se_ac_lb1.prs).
  • Object layout files with differences
    • SET0005_2P_U.BIN - Pumpkin Hill (Versus) Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0005_U.BIN - Pumpkin Hill Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0007_HD_S.BIN - Aquatic Mine (Hard Mode) Substantive Objects
    • SET0007_S.BIN - Aquatic Mine Substantive Objects
    • SET0009_HD_S.BIN - Prison Lane (Hard Mode) Substantive Objects
    • SET0009_S.BIN - Prison Lane Substantive Objects
    • SET0009_U.BIN - Prison Lane Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0013_HD_S.BIN - City Escape (Hard Mode) Substantive Objects
    • SET0013_S.BIN - City Escape Substantive Objects
    • SET0014_2P_U.BIN - Radical Highway (Versus) Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0014_U.BIN - Radical Highway Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0018_HD_U.BIN - Dry Lagoon (Hard Mode) Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0018_U.BIN - Dry Lagoon Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0022_U.BIN - Crazy Gadget Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0025_HD_S.BIN - Death Chamber (Hard Mode) Substantive Objects
    • SET0025_S.BIN - Death Chamber Substantive Objects
    • SET0026_U.BIN - Egg Quarters Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0031_U.BIN - Green Hill Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0032_2P_S.BIN - Meteor Herd (Versus) Substantive Objects
    • SET0041_2P_U.BIN - Wild Canyon (Versus) Unsubstantive Objects
    • SET0044_HD_S.BIN - Mad Space (Hard) Substantive Objects
    • SET0044_S.BIN - Mad Space Substantive Objects
  • The camera data is different in Metal Harbor, Wild Canyon (1P), Dry Lagoon, Death Chamber, Final Rush, Meteor Herd, Cannon's Core (Knuckles), and Wild Canyon (2P).