Sonic Adventure 2 (May 7, 2001 prototype)

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Title Screen
Sonic Adventure 2 (May 7, 2001 prototype)
Build date May 7, 2001 08:00:00
Build name 5/7/01
Dump status Released
Dumped by drx
Released by drx
File release date December 30, 2020
Origin GD-R disc
Labels Sonic Adv2 5/7/01
Dump method Dreamcast SD Rip ver1.1 (2x)
Ownership drx (2020-Present)
Game Sonic Adventure 2
System Dreamcast
Genre Platform
Final build JP May 29, 2001
US May 29, 2001
EU May 29, 2001
Release date JP Jun 23, 2001
US Jun 18, 2001
EU Jun 23, 2001
Download Sonic Adventure 2 (May 7, 2001 prototype) (info)
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A late review prototype of Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Built almost a month before the final retail versions.
  • This build contains all the content from the main game and hasn't been truncated for demo purposes.
  • The sound effect cue during the opening cutscene before the title screen is slightly different.
  • The final retail release's saved game is not compatible with this prototype. It will load but it won't match the progress you made in the retail version.
  • While the English translation is complete, there are various grammar/spelling mistakes throughout the script that still have yet to be corrected.
  • All the DLC themes are included and enabled by default.
  • The tutorial menus are barely translated and are very broken.
  • While it's possible to get 180 emblems in the prototype, Green Hill Zone cannot be activated. However, Green Hill Zone is present in the game and is playable.
  • The message after collecting all 180 emblems in this build indicate that new 2P versus mode and action stages (plural) were meant to be unlocked at one point. In the final, it only mentions the availability of a 'secret' stage, which is Green Hill Zone.
  • There are some debugging features enabled in this build:
    • Hold down X while the game is paused to display memory info.
    • Press Y while the game is paused to display player coordinates.
    • Press START on Controller 3 while in a Chao Garden to bring up an extensive debug menu. The debug menu can be navigated using the analog stick.
  • If you restart after dying on a treasure hunting stage, the emerald locations don't change.
  • Stage differences:
    • The missle part in Metal Harbor is more difficult in this prototype.
    • There's an additional pully added around the area you acquire the air necklace in Aquatic Mine.
    • For the driving stages, the cars have collision that cause you to recoil away from them. In the final, the cars tople over when you hit them instead.
    • An additional ring was added toward the end of Rogue's driving stage to mark when the stage is supposed to end.
    • Various hazards were added around the last key in Pyramid Cave, making this part very difficult. This was changed for the final, making it so you only have to dodge enemy projectiles.
    • Final Rush has many different sound effects.
    • Additional meterorites were added on the final Sonic/Shadow fight, making it more likely to run into them in the prototype. These were moved further away from the path for the final.
    • Green Hill Zone lacks many sound effects. The animal collection sound effect is higher pitched.
  • Chao Garden differences:
    • Chao change to their hero or dark skin color faster when petting them in this build.
    • Chao don't seem capable of evolving naturally in this build.
    • Chao stay full after eating for a near indefinite amount of time.
    • Tails and Robotnik's out of vehicle attack sound effects are different.
    • Tails lacks the sound effect when he flies.




File Type Date Size SHA-1
disc.gdi File 1998-11-27 08:48:30 88 bytes fe9b6e3e8a6433c2bd1f67badbd7f6cce84b1405
info.txt Text file 1998-11-27 08:48:30 163 bytes 921ab04dbe246a6bf35f7cb0ce26acb52fdee884
ip.bin File 1998-11-27 08:48:30 32 KB 5e9d163c5ba56f2058719a89eaf3ba665963424d
track.txt Text file 1998-11-27 08:48:30 240 bytes 07c1b265aa275e8a620d4fd895f4b2bb30d5eee1
track01.bin File 1998-11-27 08:48:42 4.32 MB 4af7ca9211adf0b1a83cf817745a5d703b7b9e82
track02.raw File 1998-11-27 08:48:48 2.05 MB e50b6b0c2adb2752bc2ee0f9fbe486d6b81099ce
track03.bin File 1998-11-27 09:20:22 1.1 GB 10a882868b356a4d2a3f650be10ea948fbb974e4


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