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May 20, 2016

Back again for another continuation of the Final ROM Archive releases, part 3! We have a couple of cool things for this week. The majority of the releases for this week are prototypes. Some of the prototypes are for very obscure Japanese games too!

Check out the Sega ROM Archive article to view some general information about these releases and remember to check out the articles themselves by clicking on the hotlink on each game heading in this article.


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The unique builds for this week are as follows:

Advanced Daisenryaku - Deutsch Dengeki Sakusen prototype (Mar 7, 1991)


A prototype of Advanced Daisenryaku - Deutsch Dengeki for the Sega Mega Drive. A strategy game released only in Japan based on WWII. The intro is a bit different, and is mostly unskippable once it starts.

Darwin 4081 prototype (Feb 21, 1990)


A prototype of Darwin 4081 for the Sega Mega Drive. This might be a possible late prototype of a release candidate.

Double Dragon II - The Revenge prototype (Oct 18, 1991)


A prototype of Double Dragon II - The Revenge for the Sega Mega Drive. There are differences in comparison to the final build, but we don’t know how many exactly.

Dynamite Duke prototype (Jun 21, 1990)


A prototype of Dynamite Duke for the Sega Mega Drive. Some grammar and code differences. Header has a spelling error that was fixed in final release.

Ninja Burai Densetsu prototype (May 28, 1991)


A prototype of Ninja Burai Densetsu for the Sega Mega Drive. No music during the opening before title screen, different title screen, unskippable intro, a few months before final.

Same! Same! Same! prototype (Jul 30, 1990)


A prototype of Same! Same! Same! Or Fire Shark for the Sega Mega Drive. There a few differences in comparison to the Japanese final, so this might be a release candidate of some sorts.

Technocop prototype (Sep 12, 1990)


A prototype of Technocop for the Sega Mega Drive. Some missing strings and incomplete text as well as code changes. This a different prototype that was recently released a few years ago. Whether or not this prototype is earlier than the other one is currently unknown.

The Terminator prototype (Apr 15, 1992)


A very late prototype of The Terminator for the Sega Mega Drive. Build date inside the ROM is Apr 14, 1992 (US final is May 7, 1992, PAL final is Apr 22, 1992). Exact differences are unknown.

Traysia localization prototype (Jan 22, 1992)


A localization prototype of Traysia for the Sega Mega Drive. Differences are unknown, but it appears very close to final.

Two Crude Dudes prototype (Nov 24, 1991)


A prototype of Two Crude Dudes for the Sega Mega Drive. A possible late prototype, has minor grammar changes that don't appear in any released version. Uses the original Japanese version copyright.

Warsong localization prototype (Oct 1, 1991)


A localization prototype of Warsong for the Sega Mega Drive. Might be a late prototype as well. Differences are currently unknown.

Whip Rush prototype (Jan 29, 1990)


A prototype of Whip Rush for the Sega Mega Drive. Intro and title screen text differences, "for CES only" appears in the comment section in header. However, it’s currently unknown if the game ever appeared in CES.

Wonder Boy V - Monster World III prototype (Jul 25, 1991)


A prototype of Wonder Boy V - Monster World III for the Sega Mega Drive. Differences are unknown as the game is still in Japanese. Any fans of the series please check this out!

Miscellaneous ROMs

Just like last week, there are a few ROMs that can be considered “Altered Finals”, where the build itself is based off a final ROM but altered slightly for whatever reason. These ROMs have nothing that changes the game in any way, but are included here as an interesting curiosity.

The games are as follows:


As always, remember to keep tuning in sometime every week for more releases from the Sega Final ROM Archive. And expect to see something different every month! Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube for the latest as soon as it all happens.

Until next time!

PS: You can download all the ROMs for this week here!