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A collection of Final Sega Mega Drive ROMs archived on discs from Sega of America.


In the late 80s and early 90s, it was notoriously difficult for video game companies to create and manage backups of their software due to the technological limitations and cost of storage and long distance distribution. In SEGA’s case, the company also had the disadvantage of being a relatively small company - both financial and in their employee quota. Communication problems, either due to internal politics or the lack of the ability to communicate quickly overseas, were also fairly common between America and Japan.

Certain branches of SEGA utilized their own BBS (Bulletin Board System) to help remedy some of these problems. A BBS is consisted of a network of computers running software that allows certain users to “dial into” the server remotely so that they can send messages and files (or in other words, a precursor to the World Wide Web). SEGA implemented their BBS for the purpose of distributing ROM files for quality assurance, testing, evaluation, and manufacturing. The BBS was also utilized for sending progress reports, internal memos, software bug databases, and other miscellaneous files.

The BBS was designed to handle only a small amount of users at the same time with transfer speeds as slow as 2400 bit/s to 9600 bit/s (only to be updated to Cable/DSL like speeds in the mid 90s). The ROM files were compressed (often passworded) and uploaded during various moments of a game’s production by the producer or product manager and then downloaded by employees of other departments to be burned on EPROMs for play testing, media, and evaluation. Once the department that acquired the ROM was finished with a given build, they would wipe any data burned on EPROMs by exposing them to strong UV light for several minutes so that they could be reused the next day (that’s the E part of EPROM, which stands for erasable programmable read-only memory).

Due to storage limitations, the servers were purged of unimportant files frequently so that new files could be uploaded for more ongoing projects. Important files from past projects would be archived separately for other purposes. SEGA continued to utilize the BBS until sometime after the Sega Saturn’s life cycle in America. SEGA would continue to utilize the data that had survived from the BBS for various other projects, such as SEGA Channel, compilations, and reissued releases.

Sometime in April of 1994, an attempt was made internally to create an easily accessible backup of all the available final SEGA Mega Drive ROMs SEGA had on file that existed up until that point for the purpose of distributing on SEGA Channel. A few hundred uncompressed ROMs were collected and burned on four CD-R’s for the purpose of archival.

Sometime in 1995, another attempt was made internally to create an easily accessible backup of various builds for internal SEGA projects for the purpose of quality assurance. The archive consisted of a backup of most of the available in development versions of games that were uploaded to the BBS as far back as late 1992. The archive consists of prototype ROM backups for Sega Mega Drive and Sega Game Gear titles. A second attempt occurred sometime in late 1995 or early 1996 to archive the rest of the available ROMs and bug databases made for the Sega Picodrive, Sega 32X, and Sega Game Gear titles. The purpose of either of these backups besides archival is currently unknown.

Finally, another attempt was made internally to create an easily accessible backup of various builds that were available as-is on the BBS in 1996. The archive consists of a disorganized collection of various Sega Picodrive, Sega Game Gear, and Sega Mega Drive prototype ROMs. Once again, the purpose of this backup is unknown.

The ROMs that were archived on four of the CDs were made available in 2008. The other four CDs were comprised of the Sega Mega Drive “Final ROM Archive”. In the process of gathering the ROMs for this website’s relaunch, a discovery was made. Upon review, some of SEGA’s available ROMs were a mixture of different builds that were not identical to the released equivalent. Some of the available ROMs consisted of prerelease prototype builds, in-progress localization builds, unreleased revisions, in-progress revisions, and even full unreleased games. The majority of the different builds were for games before 1993.

The reason for this can be attributed to various possibilities. One such possibility could stem from the communication problems between departments internally at SEGA. ROMs uploaded to the BBS could have been mislabeled or have been misidentified on bad header or file name information that were not frequently changed as often as they should have been. Another possibility is that the “Final ROM Archive” actually consists of builds submitted for initial evaluation so that they could be checked for inconsistencies with SEGA’s internal quality standards. Another possibility is that these ROMs were most likely the only ROMs SEGA had on file for the games at that time.

Regardless of why these ROMs are present, it is clear that SEGA had collected some of these ROMs for the purpose of SEGA Channel and for certain compilation releases. For example, “The Revenge of Shinobi” was released for the first time on PC in 1998 with Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1. The release actually utilized a prototype version of the game that was a few months away from the final release. It was discovered recently that the ROM’s origins were from the “Final ROM Archive”, which was originally meant for SEGA Channel.

In 2016, Hidden Palace has decided to release the rest of the newly discovered contents of the “Final ROM Archive” so that they can be preserved and documented for the years to come.


For the sake of cataloging the data presented on the archives, Hidden Palace has designed a categorization system for each type of ROM identified from the archive. The system is as follows:

Type Description
Final The final retail ROM that was made commercially available. Identified against various ROM sets.
Alternate final A slight variation made to the final retail ROM. Usually altered with extra padding data, small inconsequential byte changes, or XOR’d messages at the end of the file for Sega Channel.
Revision prototype An in progress development ROM for the purpose of testing revisions made upon a previous commercially available build. These are often times never released.
Localization prototype An in progress development ROM for localization. Consists of grammar or text changes that would be fixed for the final release.
Prototype Any prerelease build that has been compiled or dated months before any commercial release. Will usually have many changes, usually lacking in copyright information.

The table also consists of the original file name as discovered on the archive discs, a matching title for the game, the file creation date for the original file, the file size, a small comment on the general differences of the ROM, and a truncated SHA-1 checksum.


  • The file modification dates of the ROMs give us a perspective on when final versions and prototype builds were compiled. They give us a relatively accurate upper bound on the actual build dates of each game build, that is, the actual build dates are slightly earlier or the same as the file modification dates on the CDs. On the other hand, as a rule, the actual builds date should not be later than the file modification dates.
  • Some of the dates are inaccurate, because they were modified sometime between their creation and ultimate archival on the CDs. One must also take into account the unknown delay between compiling a build and uploading it to the BBS, as well as inaccuracies in timekeeping on early 1990s computers.
  • The ISO 9660 file system standard used on CDs only allows uppercase letters (i.e. it is not case-sensitive), however they have been converted to lowercase for legibility.
  • Some of the earlier Alternate Final ROMs consist of extra padding data and sometimes small XORed messages with the words “SEGA Channel”, even though the file creation date on these predate SEGA Channel by a few years.
  • The file names have a maximum length of eight characters, suggesting the files originally came from a DOS file system. The file names themselves appear to have been renamed for the purpose of this archive.
  • The majority of the earlier ROMs are more likely to be different. As mentioned before, this could have been caused by mismanagement of the data due to the small company size at the time. ROMs for games made after 1992 appear to be identical to the commercially available ROMs but with slight differences made for SEGA Channel.
  • Almost all of the ROMs with the letters “jp” at the end of the ROM’s filename, which is used to denote that the ROM is meant for the Japan region, are essentially prototypes. The reason for this is unclear. However, this might be due to communication problems between the Japanese offices during this time.
  • The QA Archive discs contain data in other sectors not presented in the file system. The data appears to consist of early SEGA DTS documentation and source code sample references for either the Sega 32X or Sega Saturn. Whether this information can be retrieved in full is currently unknown.
  • The QA Archive consists of various builds for strictly SEGA developed projects. Third party submissions are not present except for the “Final ROM Archive”.
  • The original discs were imaged by Hidden Palace with ISOBuster (RAW rip setting resulting in a backup of the entire 2352 track).
  • FileMaker Pro was used for every bug database within SEGA. Each bug database uses a common template and quality assurance system for approval and classification.
  • Passwords for ZIP archives and FileMaker Pro databases were deciphered with Passware Kit Forensic 13.5 (64-bit).
  • Almost all FileMaker Pro databases can be opened with FileMaker Pro 2 through 6. All FileMaker Pro databases, save for one, were created and meant to be opened with FileMaker Pro 2 for either Windows 3.1 or MacOS.
  • Most of the ROMs in the “Final ROM Archive” have incorrect checksum information in the header.
  • Some games will include a build date of their own within the ROM. The dates themselves usually coincide with the file modification date in the archive, but can also refer to a date at least one day prior to the ROM in the archive. This could imply that certain games were uploaded the next day after being compiled.
  • Images of the original archive discs can be acquired below in the following table. The table also describes the volume creation date of each and the years covered.
Disc Creation date Years
Disc #1 Genesis ROMs Apr 12, 1994 15:46:54 1989 to 1991
Disc #3 Genesis ROMs Apr 19, 1994 13:51:14 1991 to 1992
Disc #4 Genesis ROMs Apr 20, 1994 15:26:10 1993 to 1994

Disc contents

File Game Type Date Size Comment SHA-1
Disc 1 Disc    
aftburn1.bin After Burner II Final 1990-01-16 09:59:18 512 KB J 8f1e..5ea5
airdiver.bin Air Diver Final 1990-01-16 18:56:38 512 KB J 5404..053f
altbeast.bin Altered Beast Final 1988-12-31 00:05:28 512 KB W, REV02 3894..f019
batlsqdr.bin Battle Squadron Revision prototype 1991-01-18 14:24:36 512 KB A new build with slight differences that was never released. Some small code changes and the header was changed with the proper game title and product code. a54b..d2df
bstrdgls.bin James Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing Final 1990-09-18 10:27:08 512 KB UE 617b..4584
btm1jpn.bin Batman Final 1990-07-20 10:31:14 512 KB J 7f96..0ab5
bttlmnjp.bin Battle Mania Prototype 1991-05-28 15:22:58 512 KB Early prototype of Battle Mania/Trouble Shooter 5d70..1efe
budokan.bin Budokan - The Martial Spirit Revision prototype 1990-09-25 19:09:38 512 KB Unreleased release candidate for second revision with grammar and code fixes. Used as the basis for the European release which came later. 6af2..d248
centurio.bin Centurion - Defender of Rome Alternate final 1991-04-24 16:13:40 768 KB Same as final, but random(?) data is all different at 0x80000 7fe3..7d40
colum.bin Columns Alternate final 1990-06-21 10:20:50 256 KB Same as final REV01, but with "Sega_Channel" XORed at the end, and enlarged to 256kB 0e25..0c58
curse.bin Curse Prototype 1990-06-26 17:55:24 512 KB Unreleased localized version of Curse, different title screen 550d..5820
cybrball.bin CyberBall Final 1990-05-22 19:13:00 512 KB W 4e45..6545
daisrkjp.bin Advanced Daisenryaku - Deutsch Dengeki Sakusen Prototype 1991-03-07 17:35:20 1 MB Has a different intro, which is unskippable once it starts 423f..7475
darkcstl.bin Dark Castle Final 1991-07-19 14:56:10 512 KB UE 23e1..bf8a
drwn4081.bin Darwin 4081 Prototype 1990-02-21 16:52:40 512 KB   a4e5..a0e4
dymtduke.bin Dynamite Duke Prototype 1990-06-21 17:29:28 512 KB Some grammar and code differences. Header has a spelling error that was fixed in final release. 712e..f6a6
e-swat.bin ESWAT Cyber Police - City Under Siege Final 1990-09-04 17:10:22 512 KB U 5cb9..0c86
fantasia.bin Fantasia Final 1991-06-17 15:00:46 512 KB U, REV00 e1d8..f69e
fg-world.bin Forgotten Worlds Final 1989-08-18 10:22:50 512 KB W, REV00 8b9a..f83a
finlblow.bin Final Blow Revision prototype 1990-01-16 17:39:04 512 KB   edb1..f30d
fireshrk.bin Same! Same! Same! Prototype 1990-07-30 10:41:12 512 KB   7986..3844
ftadvent.bin The Faery Tale Adventure Final 1991-04-24 16:16:36 512 KB UE 5d9a..8a13
g-axe1.bin Golden Axe Revision prototype 1989-11-22 10:24:08 512 KB An in progress REV01 build. Code and data changes. ROM header says REV00 but the in game text has been changed like in REV01 ("PATH OF FIEND" and "THEME OF THIEF" were renamed "FIEND'S PATH" and "THIEF'S THEME"). Game pauses upon loading up a level. 89a5..fd51
ghoul.bin Ghouls 'n Ghosts Alternate final 1989-06-22 16:25:00 1 MB Same as final REV01 but padded to 1MB instead of 640KB. 622b..55a1
ghstbstr.bin Ghostbusters Revision prototype 1990-05-01 19:22:12 512 KB Earlier version of REV01, some spelling mistakes intact (e.g GLANT -> GIANT) fab4..b9d5
grndjpn.bin Gain Ground Prototype 1990-07-27 10:01:22 512 KB Different title screen, no options screen a4d7..a715
hardrivn.bin Hard Drivin' Final 1990-09-17 18:17:50 256 KB W e15a..605b
herzwei.bin Herzog Zwei Final 1990-02-07 10:25:34 512 KB UE 8f72..9176
hockey.bin EA Hockey Final 1991-06-25 11:54:00 512 KB E 1184..fc45
insctr-x.bin Insector X Final 1990-07-10 18:22:14 512 KB U 4f4e..64d5
jewlmstr.bin Jewel Master Final 1991-06-25 14:28:32 512 KB UE 9a6e..74c5
jmfbll1.bin John Madden Football Revision prototype 1990-11-07 14:17:10 512 KB Almost the same as final, but the product code is different and there is a one byte change 4a8f..6b87
kingbnty.bin King's Bounty Final 1991-04-11 15:30:02 512 KB UE 32f9..e967
klax.bin Klax Prototype 1990-06-21 17:41:36 256 KB Has a major bug that causes game pieces to not show up on screen. 11dd..9e1c
lkrscelt.bin Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs Final 1990-10-04 16:32:10 512 KB UE b70b..2899
lstbatle.bin Last Battle Final 1989-08-18 16:58:20 512 KB UE 6ebe..cf03
mickey1.bin Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Final 1990-09-11 10:28:22 512 KB UE 4ac3..13e4
migtmagc.bin Might and Magic - Gates to Another World Final 1991-04-30 15:06:08 768 KB UE, REV01 52e7..3d85
mondsfpl.bin Mondu's Fight Palace Prototype 1990-07-03 18:05:48 768 KB Unreleased prototype of Mondu's Fight Palace before being changed to Fatman in Japan and Slaughter Sport in the US. fef3..b1e0
moonwalk.bin Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Final 1990-07-23 10:29:44 512 KB W, REV01 70d9..9cce
mtrmadjp.bin Master of Monsters Prototype 1991-04-26 16:25:14 512 KB About one month before Japan release. Lacks some music, music different here and there. Copyright info after Sega logo different, intro is unskippable. 40ea..626d
mystdfdr.bin Mystic Defender Localization prototype 1989-09-14 17:02:38 512 KB Some code differences and a few text differences. 1f8e..0b50
newzland.bin The New Zealand Story Final 1990-01-16 17:41:34 512 KB J 07b7..5418
ninjabjp.bin Ninja Burai Densetsu Prototype 1991-05-28 11:43:36 1 MB No music during opening before title screen, different title screen, unskippable intro, a few months before final. 5c7b..eae5
outrun1.bin OutRun Final 1991-04-30 00:09:56 1 MB W 95d2..258e
pacmania.bin Pac-Mania Final 1991-06-27 14:53:06 256 KB U e215..f90a
palmrglf.bin Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf Revision prototype 1990-03-22 10:33:32 512 KB Unreleased REV01 9aa3..93ef
paperboy.bin Paperboy Prototype 1991-10-28 16:49:20 512 KB Built two months before the US final. 2e23..be28
patrbask.bin Pat Riley Basketball Prototype 1990-06-14 17:33:32 512 KB Almost the same as US final, except for a one byte code change and different data at the end (possibly padding) b939..021a
ph-star2.bin Phantasy Star II Localization prototype 1989-07-28 10:34:22 768 KB Text and code differences, some grammar errors. 80ff..899b
populous.bin Populous Final 1990-10-04 19:15:42 512 KB J 9abd..f049
pwrball.bin Powerball Final 1991-03-13 15:03:58 512 KB U 217d..66e0
rage1.bin Streets of Rage Final 1991-06-06 10:35:32 512 KB W, REV00 3d74..4667
rambo3.bin Rambo III Final 1989-08-18 10:35:50 256 KB W, REV01 e337..88be
rbi3.bin R.B.I. Baseball 3 Prototype 1991-07-18 14:44:10 512 KB Missing copyright screen e6d1..a6d5
roadblst.bin RoadBlasters Prototype 1991-06-27 16:37:18 512 KB Build date hints one month before final US, though header references Aug 1990 b53c..6404
s-hangon.bin Super Hang-On Alternate final 1989-08-18 10:47:30 512 KB Same as final, except without a header memo. 9ec0..cda3
s-hydlde.bin Super Hydlide Localization prototype 1989-10-16 16:50:10 512 KB 2 months before final, a few text and code differences. Different title screen. ba20..3503
shdwdncr.bin Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi Prototype 1990-10-02 12:33:42 512 KB Missing music in sound test, different copyright year, missing sfx, difficulty levels are referred to ACTs instead of LEVELS. 37d5..a03f
shinobi1.bin The Revenge of Shinobi Prototype 1989-08-21 10:48:40 512 KB The prototype that was included in Smash Pack but without the Sega Channel header memo. 9271..d88e
shinobi2.bin The Revenge of Shinobi Revision prototype 1990-02-01 18:53:50 512 KB Alternate REV02, only code changes (data after 0x10000 is untouched). Level select is enabled by default. 8086..5f5b
sonic1.bin Sonic The Hedgehog Final 1991-05-01 10:49:32 512 KB W, REV00 6ddb..a194
spdball2.bin Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Prototype 1991-06-07 11:49:34 512 KB Lacks TM on Arena company logo before the title screen. Demo mode starts with a different timer. eac8..742d
spharr2.bin Space Harrier II Final 1989-08-18 10:49:58 512 KB UE db42..7b86
starflig.bin Starflight Final 1991-07-16 14:47:12 1 MB UE, REV00 2425..0489
sthblade.bin Super Thunder Blade Final 1989-08-18 16:45:06 512 KB W, REV01 2181..a4c5
strider.bin Strider Final 1990-09-19 19:03:30 1 MB UE 26fe..eb37
strtsmrt.bin Street Smart Prototype 1990-06-29 17:48:52 512 KB Early prototype d8f0..771d
sword-ve.bin Sword of Vermilion Alternate final 1993-11-18 10:50:58 768 KB Same as final, but padded to 768kB instead of 640kB. 532d..d246
techcop.bin Technocop Prototype 1990-09-12 14:12:32 512 KB Some missing strings and incomplete text as well as code changes. acb0..0590
thforce3.bin Thunder Force III Prototype 1990-08-01 18:27:04 512 KB Game over screen is missing a question mark. Demonstration mode lasts significantly longer. Seiren level has a different demo, as well as slightly different object placement. 5deb..ea7f
tj&e1.bin Toejam & Earl Final 1991-07-22 10:52:42 1 MB UE, REV00 7f82..239a
tomybase.bin Tommy Lasorda Baseball Localization prototype 1989-04-30 10:53:02 512 KB Either pre-US final or pre-PAL final. Contains additional code to control the Z80 bus in VBlank. The code is present in the PAL final but absent in the US final, however it could be a debug setting. 0570..64de
trgterth.bin Target Earth Localization prototype 1990-02-16 16:41:16 512 KB Mixture of similarities from Japanese and US releases 6c36..6123
truxton.bin Truxton Final 1979-12-01 00:16:44 512 KB The file date is wrong. 9003..080a
twinhawk.bin Twin Hawk Prototype 1990-04-06 17:19:54 512 KB Some small art and code differences 3821..ddcc
vaprtral.bin Vapor Trail Localization prototype 1991-05-26 14:31:20 1 MB   e40a..7862
wcsocer1.bin World Championship Soccer Final 1989-08-18 16:36:58 256 KB JU, REV02 ef8c..8392
wdrboyjp.bin Wonder Boy V - Monster World III Prototype 1991-07-25 15:19:20 768 KB   1677..90c8
whiprush.bin Whip Rush Prototype 1990-01-29 19:04:38 512 KB Intro and title screen text differences, "for CES only" in header 05ad..8175
zoom.bin Zoom! Final 1989-09-30 00:13:56 256 KB JU 05ef..a011
Disc 3 Disc    
2crddude.bin Two Crude Dudes Prototype 1991-11-24 14:53:32 1 MB Late prototype, has minor grammar changes that don't appear in any released version. Uses the original Japanese version copyright. 5a38..c3a5
alisiadg.bin Alisia Dragoon Final 1992-01-24 11:07:58 1 MB U 69bf..1b01
archrvls.bin Arch Rivals Final 1992-03-17 16:08:50 512 KB UE 2bfb..e6ef
artalive.bin Art Alive Alternate final 1991-09-20 10:19:06 256 KB Same as final, but extended from 128kB to 256kB 926d..fa0a
bartsimp.bin The Simpsons - Bart vs The Space Mutants Final 1992-03-16 15:53:24 512 KB UE, REV00 3cf4..0d63
baskdrjp.bin David Robinson's Supreme Court Localization prototype 1992-04-15 11:41:38 512 KB Localization Prototype for Japan 9ce9..ba47
baskrobs.bin David Robinson's Supreme Court Final 1992-04-06 10:00:04 512 KB U adce..4275
beastwre.bin Beast Wrestler Localization prototype 1991-09-13 15:13:32 1 MB Header still says Beast Warriors even though it's Beast Wrestlers 2a31..8fc6
buckrgrs.bin Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday Final 1991-09-25 15:24:44 1 MB UE 89c3..7f9e
bullakrs.bin Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs Final 1992-04-02 16:22:10 1 MB UE 1026..d770
cadash.bin Cadash Final 1992-03-09 15:39:02 512 KB JU 5791..0134
calgames.bin California Games Final 1991-09-16 10:20:12 512 KB UE 0417..60ef
crmnsant.bin Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego Final 1991-12-18 14:33:52 1 MB UE, M5 0b72..5509
dahnajpn.bin Dahna - Megami Tanjou Final 1991-10-18 11:50:48 1 MB J da02..d4f0
ddrgonjp.bin Double Dragon II - The Revenge Prototype 1991-10-18 13:50:28 512 KB   2e9c..544d
deatdual.bin Death Duel Prototype 1992-05-06 14:30:12 1 MB Close to final, some spelling and grammar errors 21f8..74dd
desrtstk.bin Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf Final 1992-01-13 14:45:16 1 MB UE d7e7..053d
devilisk.bin Devilish Localization prototype 1992-01-16 13:48:00 512 KB Only a few changed bytes a4c8..6a8d
ercsocer.bin European Club Soccer Prototype 1991-10-25 16:40:04 512 KB No Virgin logo credit, lacks copyright on title screen, no "more options" option. a616..c521
ernstevn.bin Earnest Evans Prototype 1994-04-19 11:23:14 1 MB Has an unused intro and an unused ending, uses text from Japanese Sega CD port still. The modification date is from 1994, 2 hours before the archive disc was burned, suggesting the ROM was merged from EPROM pieces just before the disc was burned (therefore it is not the actual ROM build date) 6ca1..48a0
exile.bin Exile Alternate final 1991-12-13 16:33:12 1 MB Same as US final, but the header was changed to English 43c5..f236
f-22.bin F-22 Interceptor Alternate final 1991-09-17 11:36:04 768 KB Same as final, but random(?) data is all different at 0x80000. a43c..1a18
f1circus.bin F1 Circus MD Localization prototype 1991-12-28 13:29:16 512 KB Unreleased US localization a27b..8ce6
f1gprxjp.bin F1 Grand Prix - Nakajima Satoru Final 1991-10-24 12:18:16 1 MB J e108..c964
fatalrwd.bin Fatal Rewind Final 1991-09-16 14:58:24 512 KB UE 0263..9e8a
ferarigp.bin Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge Final 1994-04-19 10:56:36 1 MB U bd08..c917
fightmst.bin Fighting Masters Final 1991-12-18 13:32:24 512 KB U 2a86..7af5
galaxy2.bin Galaxy Force II Final 1991-10-27 11:58:10 1 MB W, REV01 db16..00fc
greendog.bin Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude Final 1992-06-30 10:24:58 512 KB UE fe47..3d9e
growl.bin Growl Prototype 1991-08-26 14:13:54 512 KB Still has the "EASY" difficulty option despite being removed from the US release. Built a few months before Japanese release. 5548..8786
jbventur.bin Jesse "The Body" Ventura Wrestling Superstars Prototype 1992-03-02 15:55:44 512 KB Unreleased game 6ce2..a884
jmftbll2.bin John Madden Football '92 Final 1992-06-25 15:06:24 512 KB UE 1a4c..e5be
jmspond2.bin James Pond II - Codename RoboCod Final 1991-10-02 15:09:26 512 KB UE e00c..a7a4
jrdnbird.bin Jordan vs Bird - Super One-on-One Final 1992-02-03 15:41:02 512 KB UE, REV00 9774..85ac
kid-ch.bin Kid Chameleon Revision prototype 1991-12-19 10:26:10 1 MB Might be a second revision in progress. Product code changed to remove a space. No differences in maps and level art, except this ROM contains 4 extra maps which are duplicates of another level. b930..4459
krstyfh.bin Krusty's Super Funhouse Final 1992-03-19 16:11:16 512 KB UE, REV00 ab79..80b0
lemmings.bin Lemmings Final 1992-03-24 16:15:02 1 MB JU, REV00 83ae..706e
m-hockey.bin Mario Lemieux Hockey Final 1991-09-16 10:27:30 512 KB UE 34cb..dbb6
menacer.bin Menacer 6-in-1 Game Pack Final 1992-08-15 10:25:48 1 MB UE 2357..10d2
mrblemad.bin Marble Madness Final 1991-12-16 16:00:02 512 KB UE 059e..738e
mstrmnst.bin Master of Monsters Final 1991-09-12 14:09:34 512 KB U 28f3..ef65
nfl2.bin NFL Sports Talk Football 2 Starring Joe Montana Final 1991-11-11 11:02:00 1 MB W, REV01 ce00..be77
quakshot.bin Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck Final 1991-09-20 10:35:10 512 KB W, REV00 3aca..2485
rngspowr.bin Rings of Power Final 1991-11-04 15:35:02 1 MB UE 8485..f368
rollthd2.bin Rolling Thunder 2 Final 1992-03-13 14:05:16 1 MB U 1b45..109d
slgtrspt.bin Slaughter Sport Alternate final 1991-09-27 15:20:58 768 KB Same as US final, except with extra padding 9906..6eae
soldeace.bin Sol-Deace Revision prototype 1992-02-03 16:36:48 1 MB Unreleased minor second revision.. b2d7..9e71
spltrhs2.bin Splatterhouse 2 Final 1992-03-02 15:50:22 1 MB h1C fd51..aa55
srkingjp.bin Sorcer Kingdom Prototype 1991-11-08 12:44:34 1 MB Potentially 8 months early, all copyrights are 1991 instead of 1992 and header date is Mar 1991 instead of Jan 1992 f969..9659
stelempr.bin Steel Empire Alternate final 1992-03-13 15:44:44 1 MB Same as US final, but the header is different. 948c..c014
stlkbase.bin MLBPA Sports Talk Baseball Final 1992-03-07 10:50:24 1 MB U e223..681c
strodyse.bin Star Odyssey Localization prototype 1992-01-16 11:34:44 1 MB Unreleased Star Odyssey (Blue Almanac translation) 7553..f06b
tazmania.bin Taz-Mania Final 1992-04-08 10:52:02 512 KB W 0187..73b8
termintr.bin The Terminator Prototype 1992-04-15 16:28:28 1 MB Build date inside the ROM is Apr 14, 1992 (US final is May 7, 1992, PAL final is Apr 22, 1992) c57f..1329
tj&e1jpn.bin Toejam & Earl Final 1994-04-15 10:56:32 1 MB JE, REV02 85e8..251b
toki.bin Toki - Going Ape Spit Final 1991-10-31 00:00:42 512 KB UE 7727..f234
traysia.bin Traysia Localization prototype 1992-01-22 11:31:26 1 MB Close to final 284c..896b
trblshtr.bin Trouble Shooter Localization prototype 1991-09-12 15:02:14 512 KB Different title screen e60a..a519
trboutrn.bin Turbo Outrun Prototype 1991-12-09 16:45:44 512 KB Sound test tracks not named yet 9695..0a83
tskfrchr.bin Task Force Harrier EX Final 1991-10-21 15:28:50 1 MB U 1d36..3bf4
undeadjp.bin Undead Line Final 1991-11-08 12:38:34 1 MB J cb9f..e79e
valis.bin Valis Localization prototype 1991-10-25 12:34:28 1 MB Grammar changes 4e5e..39c7
wandrsys.bin Ys III: Wanderers from Ys Localization prototype 1991-08-28 15:17:32 1 MB Title screen lacks copyright d500..7df4
warrsun.bin Dungeons & Dragons - Warriors of the Eternal Sun Alternate final 1992-04-28 13:10:32 1024 KB Same as final, except it lacks the 16 bytes of padding at the end 3f9e..b56b
warsong.bin Warsong Localization prototype 1991-10-01 12:22:28 512 KB   3751..a1f6
worldcup.bin Tecmo World Cup '92 Final 1991-12-26 16:02:58 256 KB J ebab..31d9
xmutants.bin Ex-Mutants Final 1992-09-23 12:06:22 1 MB U 20b2..e654
Disc 4 Disc    
aladdin.bin Disney's Aladdin Final 1993-07-31 17:25:22 2 MB U d21c..987f
aladnjpn.bin Aladdin Revision prototype 1993-07-31 17:46:24 2 MB Japanese region, compiled 20 minutes after the US final 8365..02a4
aladnpal.bin Disney's Aladdin Revision prototype 1993-08-13 17:50:24 2 MB European region, compiled after the Japanese one. 42de..51dd
asterix.bin Asterix and the Great Rescue Final 1993-10-01 10:30:08 2 MB U 6d73..088c
barney.bin Barney's Hide & Seek Game Alternate final 1993-09-18 19:01:44 935 KB Same as US final, but with a different checksum and without the padding to make the ROM 1MB. 405d..392f
batman2.bin Batman Returns Final 1992-10-06 10:00:10 1 MB W b173..7aa1
bodycont.bin Body Count Final 1994-03-09 12:09:32 1 MB U, Prototype - Mar 09, 1994 d881..fc4c
caplanet.bin Captain Planet and the Planeteers Final 1992-11-11 16:54:00 512 KB E b048..a89f
chakan.bin Chakan - The Forever Man Alternate final 1992-10-06 10:20:42 1 MB Same as UE final, but with "Sega_Channel" XORed at the end c4fd..55d6
coolspot.bin Cool Spot Final 1993-04-30 06:48:22 1 MB U 9a21..39a7
cybrgjst.bin Cyborg Justice Final 1993-01-24 17:01:48 512 KB W 6d0c..2215
dinohire.bin Dinosaurs for Hire Final 1993-06-14 10:21:46 1 MB U d006..f24f
drobotnk.bin Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Final 1993-09-17 08:43:14 1 MB U aa6b..c8d3
ecco.bin Ecco the Dolphin Revision prototype 1993-06-29 10:22:04 1 MB The unreleased REV 01. f6b7..c927
ehbox.bin Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing Final 1992-05-19 10:22:12 512 KB JU eb4a..9844
eternal.bin Eternal Champions Final 1993-09-30 17:16:56 3 MB U 5e97..5962
etrnlpal.bin Eternal Champions Final 1993-11-05 18:26:46 3 MB E 5784..f252
g-loc.bin G-LOC Air Battle Final 1992-11-23 10:24:22 1 MB h1C 9c0c..1952
greathvw.bin Greatest Heavyweights Final 1993-09-08 10:24:50 2 MB U 4ef7..0038
grthwpal.bin Greatest Heavyweights Final 1993-09-28 18:17:36 2 MB E db28..9215
gunstar.bin Gunstar Heroes Final 1993-06-29 10:25:14 1 MB U 7721..2122
homealn1.bin Home Alone Final 1992-09-18 16:46:00 512 KB U c379..b116
homealn2.bin Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Alternate final 1993-09-29 04:19:08 510.5 KB Same as US final, but with a different checksum and without the padding to make the ROM 512kB. 6a9f..f396
indy.bin Young Indiana Jones - Instrument of Chaos Final 1994-01-28 10:11:50 1 MB U 7ffd..4deb
jpark.bin Jurassic Park Alternate final 1993-05-26 10:25:54 1.89 MB Same as US final, but with a different checksum and without the padding to make the ROM 2MB. Also contains "SegaChannel" XORed at the end of the ROM. f717..be4e
jparkjpn.bin Jurassic Park Final 1993-06-14 17:21:24 2 MB J d5d0..de21
jparkpal.bin Jurassic Park Revision prototype 1993-06-14 17:08:28 2 MB Only a few byte differences in comparison to the PAL final. 98bf..7a4b
landstlk.bin Landstalker Alternate final 1993-07-13 10:26:24 2 MB Same as US final, but with "Sega_Channel" XORed at the end. 3461..cc83
mcdonal.bin McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Final 1993-09-09 10:27:38 1 MB U bcb7..1a5c
merariel.bin Ariel the Little Mermaid Alternate final 1992-10-10 10:27:54 512 KB Same as final, but with "Sega_Channel" XORed at the end. 4a96..4495
mickey2.bin World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck Final 1992-10-15 10:28:26 1 MB U adb0..25c6
nba.bin NBA Action Final 1994-01-27 10:32:20 2 MB U e2b5..4d29
nfl-93.bin NFL Sports Talk Football Starring Joe Montana Final 1992-08-21 10:32:40 1.5 MB UE 3c97..2067
nfl-94.bin NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana Final 1993-09-18 10:32:42 2 MB U ad01..467c
nfl94jpn.bin NFL Football '94 Alternate final 1993-11-04 08:52:52 2 MB Same as Japanese final, but the checksum is not computed. ed1f..1b78
outr2019.bin OutRun 2019 Final 1993-02-04 10:33:14 1 MB U d4a9..2c78
pebblebg.bin Pebble Beach Golf Links Revision prototype 1994-02-14 10:33:44 2 MB Almost identical, except it has a tiny code difference. 961d..b3ad
rage2.bin Streets of Rage 2 Final 1992-10-31 10:35:34 2 MB U 8b65..e0be
rangerx.bin Ranger-X Final 1993-06-15 10:36:04 1 MB U 2611..ff4a
renstimp.bin The Ren and Stimpy Show - Stimpy's Invention Final 1993-09-09 10:36:26 1 MB U 2978..d426
renstpal.bin Ren & Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention Alternate final 1993-12-09 16:33:52 1020.6 KB Same as PAL final, except has no padding at the end and the checksum is not computed. d39b..86c1
sh-force.bin Shining Force Final 1993-04-07 10:47:58 1.5 MB U 7cbb..4eea
shadowrn.bin Shadowrun Final 1994-02-03 10:48:10 2 MB U a06a..43c2
shinobi3.bin Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Revision prototype 1993-06-29 10:48:44 1 MB Most likely an unreleased revision. Fixed header serial, changed region lock text. bb50..efe3
sonic2.bin Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Final 1992-08-31 04:35:20 1 MB W, REV01 8bca..33f9
sonic3.bin Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Alternate final 1993-11-20 10:49:38 2 MB Same as US final, but with no header memo. a4ee..fd28
spinball.bin Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball Alternate final 1993-09-22 10:50:04 1 MB Same as US final, but with "SegaChannel" XORed at the end. dffa..f86c
spinbpal.bin Sonic Spinball Final 1993-10-07 16:17:52 1 MB E f61a..9e1c
stng.bin Star Trek - The Next Generation Final 1994-02-01 10:50:30 2 MB U, REV01 fe72..81f5
sub-terr.bin Sub-Terrania Final 1993-12-15 10:50:50 2 MB U 70a5..d095
subtrpal.bin Sub-Terrania Final 1994-02-03 10:18:44 2 MB E 23c6..ba9f
talespin.bin Tale Spin Final 1992-10-20 10:51:38 512 KB UE 9b6a..c8b8
tj&e2.bin ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Alternate final 1993-09-11 10:52:46 2 MB Same as US final, but with "Sega_Channel" XORed at the end. 9959..bce1
tj&e2jpn.bin Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Final 1993-12-08 09:53:38 2 MB J 141a..312f
tj&e2pal.bin Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Final 1993-10-28 09:46:16 2 MB G 9d4e..b466
toxicrud.bin Toxic Crusaders Final 1992-09-18 16:38:46 512 KB U fd83..093b
vituarcg.bin Virtua Racing Final 1993-12-16 10:05:24 2 MB U ff96..2165
wcsocer2.bin World Championship Soccer II Prototype 1994-04-01 10:49:24 1 MB The Mar 30, 1994 prototype of the game ac31..8e98
wimbledm.bin Wimbledon Championship Tennis Final 1993-08-05 10:53:24 1 MB U db90..2c66
wsbase.bin World Series Baseball Final 1994-01-20 10:53:42 2 MB U e63c..88e4
xmen.bin X-Men Final 1993-01-22 10:53:54 1 MB U 2f2b..5cf0