Splitz (Altered build)

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Title Screen
Splitz (Altered build)
Dump status Released
Dumped by DillyDylan
Released by drx
File release date February 24, 2019
Origin EPROM cartridge
Game Splitz
System Game Boy
Genre Action
Release date JP Jun 25, 1993
EU 1993
Download Splitz (Altered build) (info)

An altered final build of Splitz (also known as Splitz: Nigaoe 15 Game in Japan) for the Game Boy.


  • Very similar to the final Europe ROM, but there is an extra 64kb of data that belongs to the Game Boy port Populous. This doesn't seem like an overdump caused by the dumper, however, as the ROM header for Splitz acknowledges that the game should be 128kb in size.


Special thanks to DillyDylan for this release!