Super Ninja Boy (PAL prototype)

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Title Screen
Super Ninja Boy (PAL prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Revenant
Released by Revenant
File release date December 12, 2020
Origin EPROM cartridge
Game Super Ninja Boy
System SNES
Genre Action RPG
Release date JP Dec 28, 1991
US Apr 1993
EU Unreleased
Download Super Ninja Boy (PAL prototype) (info)

This is a late prototype of Super Ninja Boy. The PCB uses a PAL lockout chip (D413), even though the game itself was only ever released in NTSC regions.


Content-wise, this is much closer to the final US build compared to the other prototype that's out there, but there are still a few text differences here and there (e.g. Mr. ABC is still called "Preacher ABC" in this version). It's likely that these differences are just changes made due to Nintendo's content guidelines.

The title screen copyright also refers to "Culture Brain" instead of "Culture Brain USA" as in the US build.