Tony Hawk's Underground (Aug 15, 2003 prototype)

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Title Screen
Tony Hawk's Underground (Aug 15, 2003 prototype)
Build date Aug 15, 2003 13:38:16
Build name Preview
Dump status Released
Dumped by Anonymous
Released by madmarsrocks
File release date June 15, 2020
Origin DVD-R
Lot OG PS2/XBOX Group Buy 2020
Game Tony Hawk's Underground
System PlayStation 2
Genre Sports - Skateboarding
Final build US Oct 2, 2003
EU Oct 14, 2003
Release date US Oct 27, 2003
EU Nov 21, 2003

A preview of Tony Hawk's Underground for the Sony PlayStation 2, dated 48 days before the final build.


  • Only the first three levels (New Jersey, Manhattan, Tampa) are selectable. Through modding, the demo mode flag can be turned off and the full game unlocked. However, every level besides the first three, Moscow and the test level crash the game upon loading, albeit the existence of the level files on the disc.
    • To unlock the game, open the disc image in a hex editor and set the value located at 0x14F6420E to 00. Then edit the two references to startup.qb at 0x000DE9D2 and at 0x2DE3E4E7 to something else. Note that both replaced references still have to be consistent.
    • To unlock some of the additional levels like "West Side" and the test level, set the values at addresses 0x2DF1D592 and 0x2DF1D5A3 both to 01.
  • Has a second executable file on disc, dated July 30, 2003.
  • In the Story Mode you can only progress until Chapter 10. After beating the Tampa AM goal, the words "DEMO BUILD" flash on the screen a few times and you are unable to continue the story.
  • There are a few levels in the game files, that were removed from the final game. Notably, a level called "West Side" which is assumed to be a test level for Neversoft's later title Gun (2005) and an early scrapped level called "Australia"
  • Several of the game's hidden characters have not yet been implemented and instead show an unclothed, bald version of the standard CAS model.
    • Each skater in the character select screen starts off in a T-pose.
  • A lot of voice clips are missing and sometimes the player would switch male and female voices.
  • Some of the songs in this build appear in their uncensored form.
    • A track called "Can You Find" by Freestyle Fellowship is included, that did not make it to the final game.

Cheat codes

This build uses the same cheat code inputs as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (2002). Enter the following codes in the options menu after unlocking the build from it's demo mode.

The sound of a cash register, which would be replaced for the final version, confirms a successful entry.

Always special doasuper
Matrix mode nospoon
Moon physics superfly
Perfect rail balance ssbsts
Perfect manual balance mullenpower
Perfect skitch balance hookybob
Super stats 4nitwits
Unlock everything watch_me_xplode
Unlock Daisy¹ [o][o]
Unlock hidden skaters homielist

¹ Since Daisy has been removed from this game, the cheat code does not unlock her character.




Special thanks to hwd45 for donating toward this release and to denetii for the instructions on how to unlock the game from it's demo mode.

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