Twisted Metal: Harbor City (Aug 11, 2005 prototype)

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Title Screen
Twisted Metal: Harbor City (Aug 11, 2005 prototype)
Build date Aug 11, 2005
Dump status Released
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date Feb 27, 2021
Game Twisted Metal: Harbor City
System PlayStation 2
Release date Unreleased

A prototype build of legendary unreleased title Twisted Metal: Harbor City for the PlayStation 2 from 2005-08-11.


  • This build is very different from all other known prototypes of the game, but at the time of this release, can only be played on a PlayStation 2 TOOL devkit. The prototype has code in memory far beyond the 32MB of a retail PlayStation 2, uses devkit specific hardware references, etc.
  • It has extensive debugging features, embedded debugging symbols, and is the most complete known version of this lost chapter of Twisted Metal.
  • The levels include versions from the earlier prototypes that are much closer to release quality.
  • The game is still placed in an analog of Seattle, unlike the levels included with the Extra Twisted Edition of Twisted Metal: Head On.
  • CVLT OF OSIRIS members do not have a PS2 TOOL at present, so screenshots for this release are from a video by Darkscorpius of the same build. Visit for much more Twisted Metal content.
  • Cut Into Fourteen Pieces and others attempted to modify the prototype to work on retail consoles, or at least TEST kits, which are easier to find. The unfinished attempts are included, and the scripts used to make them, if others wish to continue the attempt. They will not finish booting in an emulator, but will not immediately crash the emulator like the original version does.
  • Four versions of the prototype are included in this release:
    • Original\TMHC_Later_01.bin is the original dump. It does not boot, even on a TOOL, due to mistakes in the way the disc was mastered.
    • Rebuilds\TMHC_Later_Working.iso was modified by some anonymous heroes to work correctly on a TOOL.
    • Rebuilds\Cut_Into_Fourteen_Pieces\TMHC_Later_01-14_Pieces-Rebuild15.bin and Rebuilds\Cut_Into_Fourteen_Pieces\TMHC_Later_01-14_Pieces-Rebuild_17.iso are the unfinished attempts to make the prototype boot on in an emulator, retail kit, or TEST kit.



Thanks to Calypso for this present to the world's Twisted Metal fans!

Thanks also to everyone at for their part in preserving this artifact of gaming history!

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