Twisted Metal: Harbor City (Jan 29, 2004 prototype)

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Title Screen
Twisted Metal: Harbor City (Jan 29, 2004 prototype)
Build date Jan 29, 2004
Dump status Released
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date Feb 27, 2021
Game Twisted Metal: Harbor City
System PlayStation 2
Release date Unreleased

A prototype build of legendary unreleased title Twisted Metal: Harbor City for the PlayStation 2 from 2004-01-29.


  • Release includes two nearly identical versions of the same build.
  • In these very early builds, much of the game is unfinished. To access levels, the easiest way is to use Endurance mode or Split Screen mode in the Dev Shell.
  • Much of the content appears similar to the build of the game released by CVLT OF OSIRIS in 2019, but many of the file contents are different. We think the earlier release was built 1-4 months before these 2, but can't be sure as the filesystem timestamps for the earlier release were lost.
  • The two prototypes are nearly identical, but the "Early_01" build includes 2 extra files: IOPRP243.IMG and SCUS_971.96. SCUS_971.96 is the binary for Twisted Metal: Black Online.
  • This prototype has extensive debugging features. Once in the game, press Start and select the Tweaks menu to access them.



Thanks to Calypso for these presents to the world's Twisted Metal fans!

Thanks also to everyone at for their part in preserving this artifact of gaming history!

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