WATCH DOGS (Apr 29, 2014 prototype)

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WATCH DOGS (Apr 29, 2014 prototype)
Build date Apr 29, 2014
Dump status Released
Dumped by mrpinball64
Released by funtimeandrefoxy
File dump date April 4, 2024
File release date May 11, 2024
Origin Dev Kit HDD
System Xbox 360
Genre Action-adventure
Final build US Apr 15, 2014
Release date WW May 27, 2014
Download WATCH DOGS (Apr 29, 2014 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of WATCH_DOGS by Ubisoft for the Microsoft XBOX 360.


  • This zip contains two folders
    • The first folder contains a build of watch dogs without xexs in which its build date was taken based on the date created from the file (which means that the date is not certain).
    • The other folder are xexs obtained by file carver which although the 5 xexs (Nov 21, 2013; Nov 22, 2013; Jan 27, 2014; Apr 23, 2014 and possible corrupted xex) do not allow the build to work, it was decided to add they.


A big thanks to Rain0x06 for give me this build to preserve.