Assets/Crash Team Racing/Press Disc November 99

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Crash Team Racing · Press Disc November 99
Dump status Released
Dumped by psx-collector
File release date September 30, 2023
Origin CD-R
Labels Crash Team Racing
Ownership psx-collector
Game Crash Team Racing
System PlayStation
Final build US Sep 26, 1999
EU Oct 20, 1999
JP Nov 11, 1999
Release date US Oct 19, 1999
EU Nov 24, 1999
JP Dec 16, 1999
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A press asset disc of Crash Team Racing for the Sony PlayStation, dated around a week after the game initially released.


  • Press kit is dated October 29th, 1999. This is roughly a week after the initial release of the game and about a month after the earliest final build of the game.
  • The disc contains:
    • Renders of a few of the characters, karts, and power-ups.
    • A number of high-resolution top-down views of race tracks.
    • A logo for the game, Naughty Dog, and PlayStation.
    • Box art.
    • A number of in-game screenshots taken from a build that seems to match the August 14th, 1999 prototype.
      • Some of these images were also featured on the back cover of the PAL release.
    • Multiple text documents about the game - overview, Q&A, developer information, and technical features.
    • A few photos of Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin, founders of Naughty Dog.