Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (Sep 8, 2004 revision)

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Title Screen
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (Sep 8, 2004 revision)
Build date Sep 8, 2004
Build name Online Preview
Dump status Released
Dumped by Atlas
Released by Atlas
File release date December 14, 2014
Origin DVD-R
Game Tony Hawk's Underground 2
System PlayStation 2
Genre Sports - Skateboarding
Final build EU Aug 20, 2004
US Aug 22, 2004
Release date US Oct 4, 2004
EU Oct 8, 2004
Download Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (Sep 8, 2004 revision) (info)
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An unreleased revision of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 for the Sony PlayStation 2.

Dated around two and a half weeks after the last publicly available release build. This build was used as an online preview for news outlets to get a look at the game before it hit the stores in October.


Demo Mode

This game is locked behind a demo mode. However, other than with pre-release versions of the game, most of the game functionalities are available with a slight few restrictions in the game's options menu and the game skipping the entire training sequence in the Warehouse when entering Story mode. Also, the game refuses to acknowledge you earning enough goal points in Barcelona to take you to the next level. Therefore Boston and Barcelona are the only playable levels. Use the xdelta patch inside the download to restore the game to it's full version.

General Differences

  • This build fixes some incorrect song titles in the options menu found in the release version.
  • A bug present in the release version, where under certain circumstances saving the game in levels such as Australia and New Orleans will corrupt the file on the memory card, has been fixed in this revision.

Cheat Codes

The codes found in this revision build match the ones in the release version. They are to be entered in the main options menu, provided the game is unlocked from it's demo mode.

Always special likepaulie
Perfect rail/lip balance straightedge
Unlock all levels d3struct
Unlock C.O.D. Soldier 2infinity
Unlock Natas Kaupas oldskool
Unlock Nigel Beaverhausen sellout
Unlock Ped Group C love2hate
Unlock Ped Group D fruitboot
Unlock Phil Margera aprilsman
Unlock Shrek greenguy
Unlock Story Mode skaters costars!
Unlock The Hand 5fingers
Unlock THPS1 Tony Hawk original1
Unlock all movies boxoffice




Special thanks to Atlas for acquiring and releasing this build and to CB9001 for finding some previously unknown/undocumented cheat codes.