Minecraft (January 11, 2010 prototype)

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Minecraft (January 11, 2010 prototype)
Build date Jan 11, 2010 11:02:24
Build name indev-20100111
Dump status Dumped, not released
Dumped by Zuriki
Released by Lost Minecraft Miners
Origin Minecraft Website
Files minecraft.jar
Dump method Finding the URLs for the game files
in the code of the website
and going to them.
Game Minecraft
System PC
Final build WW Nov 11, 2011
Release date WW Nov 18, 2011

A prototype of Minecraft from its Indev (likely referring to "In Development") phase of development. This was available to play on Minecraft.net in 2010. However, it cannot be selected for play in Mojang's Minecraft Launcher.


  • The build ID is given as 0.31 in the corner, though it appears to be an error as it was not updated in between releases.
  • Contains tools that have 2D Textures when shown in the player's hand.
  • The block/item limit is set at 99, which was later lowered to 64.
  • Players spawn with the following inventory: 1 of a shovel, pickaxe, axe, flint, and steel, as well as 99 wool, glass, torches, TNT, Bookshelves, and apples.
  • The axe has a different texture in the player's hand than the one shown in the player's inventory. The inventory texture was going to be a battle axe, while the texture in hand is the texture we have today.
  • There is one mob: a human named Rana, who is sporting a different artstyle to the traditional voxel graphics. This is when Notch, the creator of Minecraft, hired a different artist, and that artist did Rana's design, and left about a month or two after, leaving us with the art style in the game today.
  • The player inventory included Rana's model for the player's model as a placeholder, with some stats where the crafting menu would normally be. These stats are ATK, DEF, and SPD. All of them were set to 100 forever as a placeholder. They were removed a few builds later.
  • Tools have no durability.
  • Crafting has not been implemented yet
  • Blocks do not spin around when dropped.


Special thanks to Zuriki for dumping this prototype.