Minecraft (Mar 16, 2011 PC Gamer Demo)

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Title Screen
Minecraft (Mar 16, 2011 PC Gamer Demo)
Build date Mar 16, 2011 21:00:34
Mar 22, 2011 06:14:06
Build name PC Gamer Demo Edition
Dump status Released
Origin DVD-R or CD-R
PC Gamer Issue 214
Game Minecraft
System PC
Genre Action-Adventure
Final build WW Nov 11, 2011
Release date WW Nov 18, 2011
Download Minecraft (Mar 16, 2011 PC Gamer Demo) (info)
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A demo build of Minecraft for PC.


  • Bundled with PC Gamer Issue #214 from June 2011, but the files when installed date back to March.
  • The demo offers 100 minutes of play, equivalent to five days of play, and after this time, the player is invited to purchase the full version to continue on the current map.
  • The demo world, generated with the seed "glacier" or hash "108181935", is slightly modified to guide new players.
  • The demo includes access to all the features of the full version, except that the player is restricted to a world called the "demo world".
  • Items added to the demo world include red wool, snow blocks, chests, gunpowder, nearly broken tools, food, and other useful items.
  • A bug allows all blocks to become transparent if the game window is at its smallest size.
  • Opening two demo windows and restarting the world may result in loss of inventory items and restarting game time.


Thanks to bosshunter for making this build available to me for preservation on the wiki.

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