Minecraft (October 24, 2009 prototype)

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Minecraft (October 24, 2009 prototype)
Build date October 24, 2009
Build name s0.27_st10
Dump status Dumped, not released
Dumped by Zuriki
Released by Lost Minecraft Miners
Origin minecraft.net (from 2009)
Files minecraft.jar
Dump method Finding the URLs for the game files
in the code of the website
and going to them.
Game Minecraft
System PC
Final build WW Nov 10, 2009 (0.30)

WW Nov 11, 2011
Release date WW Nov 18, 2011

This version was released on October 24, 2009, This has become lost over the years due to the creator of Minecraft, Notch not allowing to release .jar files of the game from 2009 to late 2014. That is why not much versions have been archived/preserved over the years. Luckily, some people have archived the versions, as others can get them sooner or later to the public.


  • 10 TNT was added into the inventory, as previous versions did not have that
  • Spiders were added into the game, having a higher jump attack than the usual low jump attack from Alpha.
  • Rain is toggled by pressing F5. As in newer versions, you can spawn rain with a command.
  • Player hand was different, it used to face backwards in 0.30 and below.
  • Menu buttons did not have sound when you clicked on them. In Indev versions and upper, sounds were added when you clicked buttons.
  • You can press load level, to load a level, and save level, to save a level. Those options were removed in Infdev.
  • Mining stone now mines cobblestone, older versions only mined stone.
  • Coal now gives stone slabs when you mine the ore.


Thanks to Zuriki, one of the first 5,000 Minecraft players, for archiving this version.