Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Aug 26, 1996 prototype)

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Title Screen
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Aug 26, 1996 prototype)
Build date Aug 26, 1996 18:46:26
Build name 25.9.96
Dump status Released
Dumped by Hidden Palace
Released by drx
File release date November 26, 2020
Origin CD-R
Lot Hidden Palace Community Group Buy (February 2020)
Labels MK Trilogy 25.9.96
Dump method Plextor PX-W4012TA, Plextor PX-760A (DiscImageCreator 20200921 (DICUI 1.18))
Game Mortal Kombat Trilogy
System PlayStation
Genre Fighting
Final build JP Nov 11, 1997
EU Nov 10, 1996
US Sep 27, 1996
Release date JP Apr 2, 1998
EU Nov 10, 1996
US Oct 11, 1996
Download Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Aug 26, 1996 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the PlayStation.


  • NTSC prototype.
  • Built 31 days before the first available final build (US final build).
  • Lacks any music tracks.
  • Graphical bugs.
  • Some screens can cause the game to crash.
  • Some audios are low/high pitched.
  • Lot's of finishers and special moves are glitched and can cause the game to crash.
  • Special Moves added exclusively for MK Trilogy are missing.
  • Baraka, Cage and Rayden do not have auto combos.
  • Human Smoke have only Scoprion's auto combos.
  • Some arenas have wrong name - if you select The Bank (Up + Start on Sonya), you will play on Roof instead. If you select "The Roof", the game will freeze.
  • Same as the above, but with Soul Chamber and Balcony.
  • All Brutalities are performed just with HP (x11).
  • Infinite Fatality time.
  • Animalities can be done in the second round.
  • Options is not available.
  • Versus Kodes do not work.
  • MK1 arenas are missing.
  • Goro unused animation when beating him. He also have different animation for his Grab move.
  • Chameleon has Scorpion's mirror color palette and has a female voice (possibly a Khameleon leftover). No known capable moves so far. No VS Portrait. Avatar uses the question mark logo within the battle plan.
  • You cannot complete Single player or Tournament Kombat, the game will crash at some time.




A huge thanks to The Swarming Dark for donating toward this release!

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