Pokémon Gold & Silver (Dec 14, 2000 prototype)

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Pokémon Gold & Silver (Dec 14, 2000 prototype)
Build date Dec 14, 2000
Build name mons_000114, 0.0
Dump status Released
Released by Anonymous
Origin 2018 Nintendo data breach
Lot 2018 Nintendo data breach
Files euro2.zip/euro2/MAKE/mons2_00121a2/mons2_00121a2/
Game Pokémon Gold & Silver
System Game Boy
Genre RPG
Final build JP Oct 17, 1999
US Jul 7, 2000
FR Dec 19, 2000
DE Jan 9, 2001
IT Jan 30, 2001
ES Feb 7, 2001
KR Dec 29, 2001
Release date JP Nov 21, 1999
AUS Oct 13, 2000
US Oct 13, 2000
EU Apr 6, 2001
KR Apr 24, 2002

A European localisation prototype of Pokémon Gold & Silver, dated December 14, 2000. This build is available compiled for the German and French languages. This build is the first to use Nintendo's final ROM naming nomenclature, but is not the final build - and considering that the Dec 15, 2000 build is also version 0.0, and is marked as "final", despite not being final, it is likely that this build was not even sent to Nintendo's Lotcheck department for testing, and was instead renamed in preparation for being sent to Lotcheck.


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