Sonic Heroes (E3 prototype)

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Title Screen
Sonic Heroes (E3 prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by ashthedragon
Released by ashthedragon
File release date April 6, 2016
Origin NR Disc
Game Sonic Heroes
System Nintendo GameCube
Genre Adventure
Release date JP Dec 30, 2003
US Jan 5, 2004
EU Feb 6, 2004
Download Sonic Heroes (E3 prototype) (info)
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A prototype build for E3 of Sonic Heroes for the Nintendo Gamecube.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Contains some small debug features when pressing certain buttons with controller one in game.

Action Replay/Gecko

[Action Replay/Gecko]

$Level modifier
020C96C2 ????????
020C9892 ????????

Notes: First line is the code for Seaside Hill (Easy), and the second is Rail Canyon (Hard). Some stages, like Grand Metropolis, and Power Plant, stored on disc will crash if used.

[Action Replay/Gecko]

$Team modifier
020C96D6 ????????

[Action Replay]

Hold L+R+A for Raising Jump (E3, Sonic Heroes)
8A1CC642 00000160
04650B7C 3FE00000
0465167C 3FE00000
046521CC 3FE00000
00000000 40000000

[Action Replay]

Press D-Pad Up for Turbo (E3, Sonic Heroes)
8A1CC642 00000008
04650B78 41C00000
04651678 41C00000
046521C8 41C00000
00000000 40000000

[Action Replay]

Infinite Flight (E3, Sonic Heroes)
04651924 00000000

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