Sonic Heroes (NPDP Prototype 2)

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Title Screen
Sonic Heroes (NPDP Prototype 2)
Dump status Released
Dumped by MSX
Released by MSX
File release date March 3, 2021
Origin NPDP cartridge
Ownership MSX
Game Sonic Heroes
System Nintendo GameCube
Release date JP Dec 30, 2003
US Jan 5, 2004
EU Feb 6, 2004
Download Sonic Heroes (NPDP Prototype 2) (info)
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The Cutting Room Floor research

General Changes

  • Basic debug mode (L+R in-game) is still enabled.
  • The text on the Blue Window doesn't have the drop shadow added.
  • The main menu background (RW Maestro) often does not successfully render after returning from gameplay until switching to another menu.
  • This build can crash on Seaside Hill (maybe other stages too?) due to an unknown memory issue. First symptom is usually the ADX Decoder (Music) looping.
  • The story mode progression counter has been implemented but is broken. Displays -03 after completion of any map.
  • Omochao somewhat works (unlike Oct 8 prototype) but only has speech (no text), locks controls and disappears quickly.
  • Super Hard Mode cannot be enabled without hacking. Layout data for Super Hard not present on ROM.
  • Unlike Oct 8, Prototype, most menus can be navigated in any order (left-right-up-down) instead of just a fixed order.
  • Egg Emperor has a more recent model; complete with the Eggman texture for the cockpit (Oct 8, Prototype just has a spinny circle); but is not quite the final (music still missing). His gameplay resembles the final build (unlike Oct 8, Prototype).
  • Some early stages for Team Rose have been shortened down since the Oct 8, Prototype (e.g. Ocean Palace), while others remain longer (e.g. Power Plant).
  • Characters in the selection screen have slightly different positioning.
  • Rouge's eyelids (a separate model) are not rendered in the menu screens.
  • The sound test and CG theater are still fully unlocked.
  • The player starts off with 119 emblems.



Thanks to emu_kidid for the modified version of Swiss required to unlock and dump the cart.

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