The Lion King (v.21 prototype)

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Title Screen
The Lion King (v.21 prototype)
Build name v.21
Dump status Released
Dumped by Billscat-socks
Released by Billscat-socks
Origin EPROM cartridge
EPROMs 6x 8Mbit
Dump method Retrode (with MegaDrive EPROM board)
Ownership Niels, Billscat-socks (2016-Present)
Game The Lion King
System SNES
Genre Action
Release date US Dec 8, 1994
EU Dec 8, 1994
Download The Lion King (v.21 prototype) (info)

A prototype of The Lion King for the Nintendo SNES.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • This prototype could not be dumped properly on the original SNES EPROM board with a Retrode, which is common for SNES prototypes such as this. An attempt was made to dump the prototype by placing the cart’s EPROMS in an empty MegaDrive EPROM board where a dump was successfully made with a Retrode using the MegaDrive slot. The ROM dump was then deinterweaved with a custom script and then manually pieced together to create the working ROM. There are currently no known errors with this dump.
  • Level select can be activated by pressing LEFT + SELECT on the title screen.
  • The version specified in the level select reads VERSION: .21. The final is VERSION: .99.
  • Title screen differences
    • Music starts on title screen instead of the Virgin logo.
    • The title screen selector is a paw instead of a sun.
    • The options menu has the message written in the sound test (no sound can be played):
  • The Pridelands - Level 1 differences
    • Different object placement
    • Blue bug enemy is brown in the prototype.
  • Can’t Wait to be King - Level 2 differences
    • A few of the pink monkeys near the end of the level do not work properly.
    • There are no indicators during the ostrich riding segments.
  • The Elephant Graveyard - Level 3 differences
    • The hyenas toward the end of the level keep spawning.
  • The Stampede - Level 4 differences
    • Starts and auto completes in two seconds.
  • Simba’s Exile - Level 5 differences
    • Small differences in the level layout.
    • The hyenas will laugh throw boulders at you during certain parts of the stage. This mechanic was removed from the final game.
    • The level is called “Exile” instead of “Simba’s Exile”.
    • The hyena sprites at the end of the level are glitched.
    • The hyena’s say “We’ll kill ya” instead of “If you ever come back, we’ll kill ya”.
  • Hakuna Matata - Level 6 differences
    • The level is called “Willow Cascade” instead of “Hakuna Matata”.
    • After you climb the waterfall there aren’t a lot of kill bugs when you walk left.
  • Simba’s Destiny - Level 7 differences
    • Adult Simba’s life and roar energy bars are red.
    • The panthers never spawn in this level.
    • There is no boulder chase in this level.
    • The breakable barriers are buggy.
    • The boulder sound can loop indefinitely.
    • Mufasa at the end of the stage is colored differently and lacks a sound sample for his dialog.
  • Be Prepared - Level 8 differences
    • No music plays in this stage.
    • However, if you die in this stage, the music from The Pridelands will play instead.
    • There are very little objects in this stage.
    • The lava geysers have glitchy sprites.
    • There is no boss at the end of the stage, you simply exit the level at the end.
  • Simba’s Return - Level 9 differences
    • The level is called “Hyena Lairs” instead of “Simba’s Return”.
    • Contains almost no hyenas save for two near the end of the level.
  • Pride Rock - Level 10 differences
    • The level is called “Scar” instead of “Pride Rock”.
    • The level doesn’t use the proper music for this stage.
    • The stage lacks any objects, including Scar.
    • The stage does not end and therefore cannot be completed.
  • Miscellaneous differences
    • The continue screen crashes.
    • The Timone Bonus Stages are unfinished and use placeholder tiles for most of them.
    • The bug catching bonus stages are named “Kaboom” in the sound test.





  • Obtaining/dumping/freely releasing the prototype: Billscat-socks.
  • Help with dumping the prototype:
    • drx (for providing the script, the Retrode, and documentation of the prototype)
    • Hidden Palace (for binary data analysis and testing)
    • Evan_G (for help with SNES prototype dumping)