Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Apr 9, 1999 prototype)

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Title Screen
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Apr 9, 1999 prototype)
Build date Apr 9, 1999 11:09:58
Dump status Released, redump needed
Origin CD-R
Game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
System PlayStation
Genre Sports - Skateboarding
Final build US Aug 20, 1999
EU Aug 20, 1999
JP Feb 15, 2000
Release date US Sep 29, 1999
EU Oct 28, 1999
JP Mar 30, 2000
Download Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Apr 9, 1999 prototype) (info)
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An early NTSC-U prototype of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for the Sony PlayStation, dated 133 days before the final build.


The Cutting Room Floor research

General Differences

  • The game's logo is different. It uses a slightly modified version of the Impact font instead of Helvetica and Lithia.
  • The main menu music is missing.
  • Career Mode, Practice (Free Skate) and the Options menu are not accessible in this build.
  • Because the options menu as well as the in-game "Sound Levels" menu hasn't been implemented, there is no way to adjust audio levels or change the music.
  • Since only Single Session and Two Player modes are available, all runs are limited to two minutes. A way to circumvent this limit is by either using Gameshark codes or accessing one of the unused pause menu pages.
    • Instructions to both can be found in their respective sections below.
  • The gameplay demos that play after a few moments of inactivity are absent.
  • There is no option to load or save the game.
  • All texts and menu elements on-screen are arranged in order to match the menu graphics and backgrounds of earlier versions of the game like the Jampack demo, which in this build are featured in a layout that closely matches the style of the final game.
  • Accessing the Two Player mode only allows you to pick the skater for Player 1. Player 2 defaults to Bob Burnquist and it immediately boots into the Skate Park (Chicago) level, as it does in the demo from around the same time.
  • Only Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Kareem Campbell, Bucky Lasek, Chad Muska and Geoff Rowley are selectable.
    • Picking any of the other skaters will result in Tony Hawk's model being used in-game.
      • His head and left arm disappears whenever he bails.
    • Kareem Campbell, Bucky Lasek and Geoff Rowley all wear different outfits.
    • Elissa Steamer is missing entirely from this build.
    • Navigating to Kareem Campbell or the ones not mentioned above, will show Chad Muska in the player select menu.
    • Two additional skaters from earlier builds, whose official names are unknown, are in the game files listed as "skater" and "rasta" and can only be accessed by modding them into the game.
  • There is no Equipment Select menu.
  • The entire gameplay is accompanied by an always nearby but never visible crowd of people with a very limited range of reaction and idle sounds.
  • The final build locks the trick multiplier at x19. This build is missing that cap, so attempting to go over x20 will glitch out and crash the game on hardware. This does not affect multipliers gained from spins.
  • The only song in this build is "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver" by Primus.
    • The song is edited down to one minute, instead of the final game's two minute cuts accommodating the timed runs/videos.
  • There are no special tricks and gaps in this build.
  • Point pick-ups are colored rings in this version.
  • The skater glows when you fill up the special bar.
  • You can perform Footplants even from grinds and wallrides.
  • The skater doesn't lose any blood when bailing.
  • The trick string has no fail animation.
  • Many goal items have different placements and are much harder to obtain.
  • Parts of the levels are drawn much slower in this build, sometimes not loading at all if the player moves too quick.
  • The run ends whether a combo is finished or not.
  • The main game's vab file features a whole lot of leftover breakbeat SFX from earlier builds.

Level Differences

This build contains a couple of scrapped levels and early versions of those that were released.

  • Warehouse and Burnside are not present in this build.
  • Classic Concrete crashes the game upon entering and doesn't seem to have any files for it on the disc.
  • A terrain test can be accessed via the Skip to Restart menu in the Skate Park (Chicago) level.
  • A texture-less test level called "Suburbia" can only be accessed by modding the game files.
  • The in-game option to open "Suburbia" however, loads a very early and big version of what would later become Streets, San Francisco.
  • Additionally, Downhill and Freeway did not make it to the final game.
  • The skybox has a lot more red tones, presumably to depict a later time of day.
  • The big buildings in the middle of the level, separating each of the areas is missing.
  • At the start of the level, seen on the right is a passage that, unlike the final game, can be accessed from the inside of the gym.
  • The billboards that normally show the "Freedumb" album cover by Suicidal Tendencies in the final, instead plays the 411VM video.
  • There are big moving axial fans, trying to impede the player from entering the roof of the gym.
  • The 2-player version of this level, accessible from the Skip To Restart menu, has the exit banner at the pool area intact, albeit the fence being closed off.
  • Holds an extra tape on the very top of the diving board in the pool section.
  • The ledge below the big screen actually used to extend through all three angles, and was plastered with many more screens. Even though it's been changed cosmetically, it can still be grinded on all the way through.
  • There is a parking garage section connecting the streets from around the park area and near the movie theater.
  • That garage section as well as the tunnel leading to the rooftops has very basic texturing/lighting.
Skate Park
  • This level has an actual skybox visible through the windows, whereas the final game for some reason is a grey void.
One of the first levels created for the game, when it was still conceptualized as a Top Skater (1997) clone. A long downhill aqueduct leading into a warehouse at the end.
  • Culling is very much broken in this level. Presumably since the game has changed so much from the time this level was being worked on.
  • This level holds a total amount of 18 tapes.
  • The level is massively oversized, this is especially noticeable in the warehouse area at the end.
  • Most of the level is crudely textured.
  • There is an invisible rail on the open side of the flat path you spawn at, one in the same fashion as the rails on the ledges leading downwards, suggesting there was initially one more higher parking level.
  • A few kickers are missing, making jumps to certain heights and platforms much harder.
  • The mall directories have collision and behave like when going into a wall if met below a certain speed.
  • Many of the rail geometry in the water section below the support beams and various ledges in the area after the escalator are improperly aligned.
  • The skybox in the outside area when skating into the parking garage doesn't de-load correctly.
  • That parking garage area holds an additional tape.
Suburbia (Streets, San Francisco)
  • A night time skybox is used here.
  • The stretched diagonal texture connecting both sides of the ledges next to the stairs, depicts a green alien face.
  • There is a very long street path starting from the Chinatown area that at some point just leads to a dead end. This entire section was cut from the final game.
Test (Suburbia)
Inaccessible by normal means. An untextured and abandoned test level without any rail or wall flags. The level features a few houses, a playground and a drive-in theater.
There are three short bridges with roads at different heights, some ramps, construction vehicles, portaloos and not much else. The area is rather empty and relatively small in comparison.
  • This level has very basic texturing and lighting.
  • One of the tank's muzzles is covered with the Birdhouse logo.
Downhill Jam
  • A very orange, cheap-looking skybox, likely depicting sunset is used.
  • Jumping up the quad pipe right after the spawn point on the building to the left and holding D-Up as if to exit a pool area, will catapult the player to the other side.
  • All water is more green than blue.
  • Only about the first quarter of the level is properly designed. The geometry, lighting and texturing become more crude and simple as you progress to the end of the level.
  • The entire overhang section in the middle of the level is at a very early state.
  • There is an entire flood dam near the finish line that has been removed from the final.
  • Falling into the water ends the run.

Pause Menu pages

Though inaccessible by normal means, some level-end menu leftovers reset the timer to 60 minutes (as seen in various screenshots of earlier builds) when asked if the player would like to continue the run.

To access these, set the value at 0x8009584C to either 6 or 10. See the list below for details.

ID Hex Menu Notes
0 00 (none) Normal gameplay.
1 01 Paused - Continue - Retry - Skip To Restart - Quit
2 02 Skip To Restart
3 03 Really Quit? - No - Yes
4 04 Please reinsert Controller
5 05 Prison/Sewers Level Complete - Save Game? - No - Yes unused - neither option saves the game but throws you into the main menu. Alternates between these two level names of Neversoft's previous title "Apocalypse" (1998).
6 06 Your Time Is Up - Really Quit? - No - Yes unused - resets the clock to 60 minutes if declined.
7 07 (none) ID 6, 10 and 11 exit into the main menu via this slot.
8 08 (none) Attempting to save the game in ID 5 exits into the main menu via this slot.
9 09 (none) Declining to save the game in ID 5 exits into the main menu via this slot.
10 0A You Got A Tape - Really Quit? - No - Yes unused - resets the clock to 60 minutes if declined.
11 0B Game Over - Score - Hi Score - Replay - Replay Highlights - Retry - Exit Post-run menu.

Cheat codes

The cheat codes in this build are merely leftovers of Neversoft's previous title "Apocalypse" (1998), whose engine this game runs on.

Most of them don't work in this build anymore. To enter these codes, navigate to the in-game pause menu, hold down L1 and enter the code. A shaking pause screen will confirm a successful entry.


Level Select

Skip To Restart

Triangle, Up, X, Down TUXD Already activated. While Skip To Restart toggles correctly in-game, Autotest and Level Select, which should appear in the game's main menu with the build date, do not.
Debug coordinates Down, Down, Triangle DDT
Disable HUD Square, Up, X SUX Doesn't work.
Falls never end X (x6) XXXXX Not functioning since the skater can't die in this game.
Infinite lives Triangle, Circle, X, Square TCXS Not functioning since the skater can't die in this game.
L2 kills all enemies Square, Left, Up, Triangle SLUT This game does not have enemies.
Refill health bar X, Up, Triangle XTC Although this code would eventually become the "Always special" cheat, it doesn't function in this build.
Skip To Restart Square, Circle, X SCX
Unlock all weapons/

Infinite ammo

Square, Circle, Up, Down, X, Square SCUDXS Doesn't work.
unknown Left, Up, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle LUXTST
unknown Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Down, Left STRUDL

Gameshark codes

Infinite Time 80095BA8 6054

80095BAA 0000

Max Time 800A5080 FFFF