Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (Apr 12, 2002 prototype)

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Title Screen
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (Apr 12, 2002 prototype)
Build date Apr 12, 2002 13:26:59
Build name v4031
Dump status Released
Released by BlizzardArchive
File release date July 9, 2013
Game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
System PC
Genre RTS
Final build JP November 15, 2002
US June 6, 2002
EU June 12, 2002
Release date JP 2003
US July 3, 2002
EU July 5, 2002
Download Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (Apr 12, 2002 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos for the PC.


  • Due for resolution change, the Cancel button from Options is broken. However, you can set resolution by changing such as 1024x768.
  • Cinematics button is removed on the main menu.
  • Multiplayer button is removed. It has been merged on main menu including Battle.net and Local Area Network.


  • Arranged Teams - Create custom teams and play anonymously against other similarly skilled teams.
  • Idle Worker Button - When worker units become idle, a button appears on screen; when clicked, it selectes and centers on the orderless unit.
  • Formation Override - You can override formation movement by holding the Alt button as you mouse-click to issue move and attack-move orders.
  • Combat Pathing - In combat, units no longer formation path so they can be quickly moved about the battlefield.
  • Hero Level-Up - The Hero level-up button is now visible, and useable, when the Hero is in a group.
  • FOW Functionality - Fog of War is now complete and treats objects under the fog appropriately. For example, right-clicking on a fogged tree properly issues a harvest command rather than a move command.
  • Harvest Confirmation - Trees now flash green when they are the targets of a harvest order.
  • AOE Spells - Units that will be affected by an AOE spell are colored green.
  • Battle Stations - This button is now on every Orc Burrow. Clicking the button will order nearby Peons to load into the Burrow.
  • Minimap Ping Button - Sends a minimap ping to all allied players.
  • Load Game Screen - Displays all participating players who are in the game and their "ready" status.
  • Last Notification - Spacebar now supports the last 8 notifications.
  • Townhalls - The Backspace key cycles through all owned town halls, centering the game view on them.
  • Altar Build Queue - Multiple queued Heroes now appear correctly at altars.
  • Units with negative "buffs" on them will now display with a red mini-portrait in the Info Card.
  • Units inside a destroyed Zeppelin survive, but will be "dizzy," causing slowed attack and movement speed for a period of time.
  • Acolytes Unsummon Haunted Gold Mines after they are depleted.
  • Many new items have been added to the game.


  • Necropolis attack removed, but remains on Halls Of The Dead and Black Citadel.
  • Moon Wells replenish mana AND health.
  • Moon Wells recharge at night only.
  • Nature's Wrath upgrade removed. Ancients can now always attack in uprooted form.
  • An Altar, rather than a Barracks or equivalent building, is now required before you can upgrade to your second-tier Keep equivalent building.
  • Heroes are now built from their respective Altars.
  • Heroes have limited magic resistance. This comes into play in two ways:
 * Many spells last for shorter durations on Heroes. These spells include Sleep, Entangling Roots, Bash, Storm Bolt, War Stomp, Cyclone, Ensnare, Purge, Cripple, and Stasis Trap.
 * Spell damage versus Heroes is reduced by 25%. For example, third level Death Coil will do 300 damage to units, but only 225 damage to Heroes.
  • Entangling Roots and Ensnare work on Heroes again.
  • Heroes gain more experience by killing player-controlled units then from Creeps.
  • Ultimate spells now require level 6 before they can be learned.
  • Agility no longer increases Hero move speed.
  • Agility increases the attack rate of Heroes.
  • Dryad gains Slow Poison attack that slows enemy units and damages them over time.
  • Dryad attack and armor increase from upgrades.
  • Grypon Rider gains Storm Hammers attack upgrade. Provides special linear splash damage similar to the Warcraft II Gryphon and Dragon attacks.
  • Ballista gains Impaling Bolt attack upgrade.
  • Huntress gains Moon Glaive attack upgrade which causes her attack to bounce from target to target.
  • Gyrocopter gains a bomb attack upgrade that, when researched, enables an air-to-ground attack.
  • Gyrocopter acts as a detector.
  • High Upkeep only taxes your gold by 50% (from 60%).
  • Low Upkeep does not start until 40 food (from 30).
  • High Upkeep does not start until 70 food (from 60).
  • Overall food cap remains unchanged at 90 food.
  • Dread Lord gains Inferno spell, which replaces Dark Summoning.
  • Bladestorm damage decreased, but duration increased.
  • Blademaster loses invulnerability while casting Bladestorm, but is immune to spells. Casting Bladestorm or Mirror Image will immediately dispelall positive and negative spell effects from the Blademaster; however, Mirror Image does not impart spell immunity.
  • Tranquility healing effect improved.
  • Earthquake damage and duration increased.
  • Chain Lightning damage increased.
  • Searing Arrows effectiveness decreased.
  • Force of Nature Treants' power increased.
  • Summon Water Elemental mana cost reduced.
  • Death Pact healing effect increased.
  • Unholy Aura and Endurance Aura effects switched.
  • Thunder Clap mana cost decreased.
  • Storm Bolt damage increased.
  • Mana Burn deals damage equal to the amount of mana drained.
  • Far Sight area of effect increased.
  • Steam Tank no longer transports units.
  • Steam Tank armor type changed to Fortified.
  • Steam Tank attack changed to powerful, building-specific attack.
  • Pillage takes building armor into account.
  • Druids now start in Night Elf Form (requires upgrade to gain Bear/Storm Crow Form).
  • Druids maintain mana in Bear/Storm Crow Form.
  • Chimaera air attack removed.
  • Cyclone duration greatly increased, though no longer slows the affected unit when the effects of Cyclone wear off.
  • Spells and items that dispel magic now damage summoned units (Water Elemental, Skeletons, etc.).
  • Skeleton duration increased, but Skeletal Longevity upgrade duration decreased.
  • Cannibalize effectiveness decreased.
  • Orb Of Lightning casts the Purge spell with every attack.
  • Scroll of Healing and Scroll of Greater Healing effect increased.
  • Scroll of Town Portal cost reduced.
  • Goblin Zeppelin cost reduced.

NOTE: Almost all units in the game have had balance changes to them since the last patch.


Every unit in the game has an armor type and weapon type (like SC). Unfortunately, these types are not currently displayed in the game, so you will need to refer to the Blizzard web site for details on specific units.

Each weapon type is better or worse versus other armor types. For example, a Grunt does normal damage, which has a 50% bonus versus "small" units like the Archer, Rifleman, and Headhunter. The Archer does Piercing damage which does additional damage versus large units like the Gryphon Rider.

This system is in place to encourage unit counters and unit mixing in combat. If the opposing player builds ranged attackers, then the natural counter would be to build melee units which have an attack bonus versus them. However, since ranged attackers have a high rate of damage, you would benefit by building a mixed group of melee and ranged attackers since your ranged attackers will out-damage the opposing melee units if they are protected from direct melee damage themselves.

Damage Types 1. Normal (most melee units) - Good versus small armor 2. Piercing (most ranged attackers) - Good versus large units 3. Magic (most air units) - Reduced damage versus small 4. Siege (artillery) - Good versus buildings

Armor Types 1. Small (most ranged attackers) 2. Medium (most low-tech melee units) 3. Large (most flying units, high-tech melee units) 4. Heroes 5. Fortified (buildings) - Great protection versus all types except siege