MediEvil (Aug 14, 1997 rolling demo)

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Title Screen
MediEvil (Aug 14, 1997 rolling demo)
Build date 14 Aug, 1997
Build name Rolling Demo
Dump status Released
Game MediEvil
System PlayStation
Genre Adventure
Final build JP May 12, 1999
EU Sep 17, 1998
US Sep 24, 1998
Release date JP Jun 17, 1999
US Oct 1, 1998
EU Oct 1, 1998
Download MediEvil (Aug 14, 1997 rolling demo) (info)

A rolling demo of MediEvil based on an very early prototype.


  • Included in the archive is a dump of the original demo that included it aswell as a standalone hacked version that makes it playable and Debug2 unlocked by SolidSnake11
  • Levels available in this demo: The Graveyard, The Hilltop Mausoleum, Scarecrow Fields, Pumpkin Gorge, The Sleeping Village, The Asylum Grounds, The Ant Caves, Pools of the Ancient Dead, The Haunted Ruins and The Ghost Ship
  • Proper music is not available instead only short snippets are being used which end after a few seconds
  • The cut trident weapon albeit broken, is still included in this version although around ECTS 1997 the weapon was already seemingly cut
  • The health system in this version is completely different, it is much more arcade like compared to later iterations
  • In the files there is a list of all levels including many cut ones but no levels are contained in the files besides the ones used although model data for some levels can be found in the files


  • Special Thanks to SolidSnake11 for creating a playable standalone version.